Membership Includes:

  1. Being a stockholder (owner)
  2. Pool privileges
  3. Keeping dues current
    1. If dues are not kept current each year, the stock reverts back to the pool and members lose pool privileges.
    2. Dues must be paid before attending the pool

Buying from Pine Valley Pool (*when stock is available): The purchaser MUST…

  1. Pay par value of the stock
    1. Currently, as of January 2019, the par value is $750
    2. *Pine Valley sells 185 out of their 200 shares, so rarely has stock for sale
      1. Due to reversions, Pine Valley may have shares for sale some years. It’s on a year to year basis.
  2. All checks are to be mailed to Pine Valley Pool, P.O. Box 1183, Radford, VA
  3. Pay the dues for the current year by May 15
    1. Currently, as of January 2019, the dues are $375

Buying from Individual Owners: The purchaser MUST…

  1. Pay the owner the asking price (negotiated by the owner of the stock)
  2. Pay the dues of $375 BEFORE May 15th of the current year – mailed to Pine Valley Pool,  P.O. Box 1183, Radford, VA 24141.
  3. A transfer fee of $100 must be paid (either by the owner or the purchaser) to Pine Valley Pool at P.O. Box 1183, Radford, VA 24141.
    1. All dues must be in current standing before any selling or transferring can transpire (responsibility of the original owner).
    2. All sales and transferring of stock requires approval of the board.

* Pine Valley Pool caps the number of stock shares that can be sold. As of 6/1/18, the limit is 185 members.

Please Note: As of 6/1/18 the following applies (could be amended if voted on by stockholders/board)

Only the member listed on the stock, his/her spouse and his/her children are allowed privileges. Adult children of the stockholder and their families are NOT members and do not have privileges. Adult single children, living with their parent(s) without their own spouse or children may attend. Any friend or relative that lives 25 miles or more away may attend any day with members of the stockholder family, only one guest per member of the stockholder family.

Guest Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is a $5 fee per guest. Members MUST sign their guest(s) in and pay the $5 to the lifeguard on duty in the guard room.
Party Policy: Members may schedule a party at the pool for $50, and $5 for every swimming nonmember.